Back to the Sunda Kelapa lighthouses

My earlier Sunday morning visiting to the Sunda Kelapa lighthouses left me desperate to come back with a tripod to catch them at first light.

So Tuesday morning I set out to arrive at 5am before heading to the office for a regular day.

I got to the harbour just as the boatmen, who sleep on their boats, are just starting to get up. I had a head torch, tough shoes and long pants to help navigate the exceptionally slippery rock platform.

Shot with a Sony A7rii using the Sony 16-35mm F4. Used a Haida ND and Grad filter to keep the exposure times to about 2-4 seconds while at F16 during sunrise.

Sunda Kelapa-012-2
First light of dawn onto the towers

Sunda Kelapa-009-2
Before daylight has even started to touch the sky.

Sunda Kelapa-015-2
Striking as I headed back in.

Sunda Kelapa-014-2
Last shot of the morning as I headed back in.

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