Thoughts on Fuji’s X100V Camera and Instax Printer for Street Photography

This is not a review on the X100V, just a few thoughts.

I do love the feel of the camera, and how engaging it is to shoot with.

Its a wonderful camera for street photography with its 35mm equivalent lens, great sensor and responsive focus. It produces beautiful Jpgs that don’t require any editing to use, and you can shoot RAW to give other processing options as well.

There are a number of other cameras that share these attributes though. One of the understated attributes of the X100V is that it can automatically pair with a Fuji Instax printer allowing you to print your photos immediately on the street.

Their parents asked us to take a photo of them during the walk, not expecting to get a copy on the spot

That can be a tremendous advantage when you’re doing street portraits and someone asks for a copy of the photo. This is very common in poorer areas of Indonesia, especially if you take a family photo.

Honestly the smiles you get when you unexpectedly pull a photo print out of your bag are wonderful.

The earlier versions of these printers had annoying, short life batteries. The current versions charge with USB and its good to go forever. It fits easily in a camera bag pocket together with an extra film cartridge or two, and weighs next to nothing.

Instax printer in my Billingham camera bag

Obviously Instax film doesn’t have the same sharpness or vivid colours as a professional print, but it is instant, and so are the smiles.

As a combination for street photography Fuji’s system is incredibly fun and I highly recommend it.

Zack Arias has a good overview of the printer itself below. He talks about the fun of generating engagement in a studio / work setting, but it sounds the same as you’d get using this for street photography or at a party.


  1. Are you able to connect your x100v directly to the Fuji instax printer or do you have to go through your phone first?

    1. Yes, and in fact it is super easy. The X100V has a simple printer menu where all you need to do is enter the printer serial number from the bottom of the camera. All direct camera to printer afterwards.

      Obviously its an advantage to also set up your phone so you can print from other cameras, including the phone, or do some editing, but I would pretty much always go from the X100V to printer if that is what I’m shooting with.

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