Old Tangerang Markets

This morning I went for a walk through the “Old” Tangerang Markets in Indonesia, Jakarta, with a few friends.

The markets are bustling with all manner of activity, even just after sunrise. Butchers, vegetables, seafood and cloths are among the many varied offerings.

We went with street photography in mind, to capture the light through the narrow walkways where different colour awnings cast an interesting light.

It was a very grey and hazy morning, which meant it wasn’t too hot but it also meant there was only a diffuse, bland light to work with. No beautiful golden rays pressing through the eaves for us today.

I used just a 21mm manual lens. Not really the ideal street photography lens, but I thought it would be interesting to use it for some street portraits. It challenges you to get closer to your subject (not a problem in the tight laneways) and it catches a lot more background for context.

Lots of fun. The results below.

New Print-001-2New Print-002-2New Print-004-2New Print-005-2New Print-006-2New Print-007New Print-008New Print-009New Print-010New Print-011New Print-013


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