Reaching out to the cityscape. Jakarta Rooftop

A Thursday night on a rooftop of the Taman Rasuna apartments in the centre of Jakarta. Just after a tropical storm.

First shot (love the Zeiss Batis 18mm 2.8) shows the vista.


Not much interest from the complex in the foreground. Its quite dark and nothing draws the eye.

I was interested in the metropolis feel of the built landscape at the back.

So, I switched to an 85mm lens (Sony GM 85mm 2.8) and took a few shots of the zone of buildings at the back. Stitched them together using Lightroom (click here for a good how to guide by Matt Krumins Photography). Using this technique also captures a ridiculous amount of detail, which would be helpful for a future print.

I was pleased with the finished image, much more interesting that the starting point from my wide angle.


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