Port Melbourne

Visit to Port Melbourne with Matt Krumins.

Very blustery, and constant cleaning of filters needed. Good chat and tuition, very helpful composition advice.

Did I mention Matt picked me up and drove us there and back? Lovely fella.

Victorian bylaws required we take a photo of Princess Pier and we complied to avoid prosecution.

I particularly liked shooting the jetty with a long lens and stitching it together to get a wide angle yielding a difference sense of compression (read Matt’s trips and trips and sign up to his newsletter! www.mattkruminsphotography.com.au). It is the second shot below. The light posts are not completely sharp as the wind was so strong it was moving them about a little. Matt’s tutorial on how to stitch them together in lightroom (which I used) is at www.mattkruminsphotography.com.au/a-wide-angle-lens-for-the-price-of-a-coffee/.

There was not much help from the sky in terms of colour or interest and the sea stayed a muddy green blue. Matt’s suggestion was try black and white so I’ve put one in here, hopefully not too disconcerting alongside the others. He was right, it works better.

By the time the light left us we were freezing and ready to head home. I very much appreciated the time and opportunity to learn and practice with Matt. Look him up for a landscape session when you’re in Melbourne.


Stitched together from a series of 70mm photos




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