Gentala Arasy Bridge, Jambi, Indonesia

Gentala Arasy, Jembatan dan Menara Ikon Kota Jambi

My unhealthy obsession for bridges continued on to Jambi City, the regional capital of the Jambi province in Sumatera, and the lovely Gentala Arasy Bridge.

It was a very quick visit as we’d had a super long work related day and wanted to get back to our hotel and get some rest.

It is a lovely structure and it was fantastic to see it getting a great deal of use from people hanging and enjoying this really attractive public space.

Hopefully I will get to come back and improve the composition now that I’ve seen how it is laid out, but a fun first visit.



  1. Waw, thats great. Its good review of gentala arasy bridge, i like it. Your picts are good.
    But, for your information, Jambi city is the capital of jambi. So jambi city is not the part of south sumatera.

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