Broken Pier, Ancol, North Jakarta

Sunday afternoon trip to Ancol, North Jakarta, to try and practice some landscape photography.

Its Jakarta’s seaside district, with lots of people out enjoying the open space. Also has a couple of amusement parks, and seaworld.


Not too much caught my eye until I saw some old piers setting out the water. Some fishermen were amused to see someone take an interest in them.

It wasn’t possible to get over to the blocks as the area was walled off as part of a future development.

So went for a 70mm lens to close the gap and tried a few different compositions.

The black and white below was my favourite in the end. It is the deep blue shot above processed as black and white. Shot just the sun went down. Being on the equator blue hour isn’t well named as it only lasts 10-15mins.


The following morning I woke to discover I’d been savaged by the midges on the beach. Horrible. I’d suggest anyone trying this for themselves wear thick socks and pants.




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