Last of the Lighthouses

I’ve already got two posts on the Sunda Kelapa lighthouses (I know, yawn; poor you) but went back yesterday with the idea of shooting both lighthouses from the shore with a long lens and stitching a composite together the gap between them was too big. I’d checked and the tide was high and rising quickly, so no chance to use the rocky plinths. Definitely long lens then.

So late afternoon I set off, found a boat, and headed out. When I got into the harbour I found only one lighthouse, the big red one (my favourite if you can really have favourites among pairs) having been destroyed by a ship hitting it in a storm a few months ago.

Extremely sad, they really were such beautiful, unique structures.

Making do I went for a tight shot on the last man standing and worked my drone for some context footage.

The result being the two images (A7rii), and the video (Mavic Pro and RX100V).

WARNING – The last 30 seconds of the video isn’t me at my most polite.

Sunda Kelapa-001Sunda Kelapa-002

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